B: The Beginning

The BRAVE summit was founded in the fall of 2015 by three Georgetown alumna. On November 1st, 2015 an email was sent out to approximately 20 other Georgetown students, with the subject line reading "Empowering Black Women Summit." With a key line stating, "In the United States and on this on this campus, in particular, black women have been slept on for far too long" the founding board members were called to action to create a platform that brings Black women to the forefront. 


Alexis oni-eseleh

COL '16


bserat ghebremicael

MSB '17


Candace Millner

MSB '16


The first summit, held in the spring of 2016, brought  over 300 participants together to revel in all of the #blackgirlmagic. 


R: Recognition of the Black Woman

In BRAVE's second year, we were able to soar to even greater heights.  The 2017 Summit, “The Recognition of the Black Woman” went farther by recognizing and unleashing the voice, the spirit and the power of black women that laid the foundation before and the ones that will continue carrying this torch. In our first year, we were able to host 300+ attendees, both black women and allies, which shows the need for a summit that actually is the first of its kind in our nation.

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Senior Coordinators: 2017


A: Authentically, Artistically, Unapologetically Black

In BRAVE’s third year, we learned how to use our talents to express ourselves. The 2018 Summit, “Authentically, Artistically, Unapologetically Black” we celebrated black women and all that they do from entertainment to ministry to the arts. We had over 400 black women and allies join us for a great weekend on the Hilltop!

V: Vigilant, Maintaining the Movement

Join us on March 16, 2019! More details coming soon…