BRAVE Summit 2019 Schedule:

Vigilant: Maintaining the Movement

Our team has been working hard to curate a day filled with main stage panels and breakout sessions that will keep you wanting to snap and shout, "YAAAS" , "WERRRK" , "SLAAY" or all of the above! Please see below for our summit schedule and checkout our 2018 Recap Video!


9:00 AM - 9:30AM Registration & Breakfast

Registration will take place on the second floor of the McDonough School of Business directly outside of Lohrfink Auditorium. Please come prepared with your eventbrite registration confirmation email. 


9:30 AM Welcome to BRAVE

Lohrfink Auditorium 

The Opening Address will be given by the BRAVE Directors and a special guest speaker.



10:30 AM Mothers of the Movement: Black Women as Social Pioneers

Lohrfink Auditorium

When we think of Black women, we think of them as mothers. They have birthed the wisdom into our black men and women and for centuries, have birthed the uprising of movements for Black people and the Black experience. Join us in this mainstage panel that will encompass all of the tribulations, the fortitude, and the birthing of creating movements from Black Lives Matter DC to the 2018 Howard Resist.

11:40 AM BreakOut Session #1 

Breakout 1 -  P.Y.T. (Preaching Your Truth): Activism in LGBTQ+ Community

Breakout 2 - Imagine That: Activism in Entrepreneurship

Breakout 3 - Challenging the Status Quo: The Intersections of Law & Activism

Breakout 4 - Raising the Curtain: Activism & Mental Health

Breakout 5 - Accenture: Where’s Your Piece of the PIE?: What YOU Can Do To Establish Your Brand



12:30 PM Lunch | Networking | Vendor Booths

Lunch will be catered and held on the 4th floor in the Fisher Colloquium. During this time we welcome our guests to enjoy music, utilize our photobooth to capture the instagram worthy moments, and check out the #DOPE vendors we have. Vendors will be downstairs on the 1st floor in Shea Undergrad Commons. Make sure you stop by to grab the freebies.

2:00 PM BreakOut Session #2

Breakout 5 - Shaking the Table: Activism in Politics

Breakout 6 -  Taught for Us by Us: Activism in Academia

Breakout 7 - Nice For What?: Activism in Student Leadership

Breakout 8 - Moisturizing Our Melanin with Meditation: Healing Circle



3:00 PM A Cultural Transformation: #MeToo as a Contemporary Social Movement

Lohrfink Auditorium

As Black women we are often taught to put others before ourselves, even if this means neglecting our own health. However, it is important for us to learn to put on our own masks first before helping others. Join us for a conversation on how maintaining your mental health is the key step towards maintaining other parts of your life.

4:00 PM The Reality of Activism: A Conversation with Yandy Smith

Lohrfink Auditorium


5:00 PM Closing Remarks and Thank You's 

Lohrfink Auditorium